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"It’s beautiful to see him acknowledged for something he does positive. You know, someone dragged through the dirt so much." — Trey songz on Justin (via news-bieber)

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“Show me the way to your heart”

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Justin Bieber favorite music videos; part 1 (insp)

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"Yes, were the same, yes, Im insane"-Jbieber.

I'm a girl that loves the Bieb(: I like having fun, being with friends, and chillin' on my computer. Ask me questions, I don't bite! Justin Bieber followed my twitter on 5.14.10 I met him on 11.26.10 Never Say Never........fight till forever♥

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Amazing Belieber(S) Cause baby everything that I have is yours, you will never be cold or hungry. I'll be there when you're insecure, let you know that you're always lovely ”Bieberblast” Bieberblast

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